Water Heaters

Has your water heater stopped working? If we cannot repair it, it may be time to replace it.

My Own Plumbing Co. carries a selection of updated, traditional water heaters and tankless water heaters.  Water heaters come in a wide range of sizes and varieties to suit your preferences and needs. If your current unit is not working, old, inefficient, or unable to accommodate the size of your household, then allow our technicians to suggest an efficient and affordable one to keep you and your family comfortable. The professionals at My Own Plumbing Co. work on and install all makes and models of water heaters.

Traditional water heaters get the job done affordably and efficiently. Whether you use gas or electricity, My Own Plumbing Co. can help find one that’s right for you.  We also install tankless water heaters. You can save up to half the cost of conventional tank-type water heaters, plus they hang on the wall—freeing up valuable floor space. Tankless heaters are designed to have a lifespan of up to 30 years.

My Own Plumbing Co. specializes in:

Water Heater Repair Specialists

Not all plumbers can repair water heaters. The highly skilled technicians at My Own Plumbing Co have the training, tools, and experience to provide comprehensive water heater repairs.

If your heater is not providing hot water as it should, you can count on our specialists to locate the source of the problem and offer an affordable and reliable repair. Some of the signs that indicate your heater needs a repair include:

Our technicians can also help you save money by replacing your current unit with a high-efficiency water heater or tankless water heater. Depending on your situation, a tankless or high-efficiency water heater could be the most logical solution when your old water heater cannot be repaired. Replacing your water heater also saves money on your utility bills. Call My Own Plumbing Co. today if your water heater is not working correctly.

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